“The R12i helps us save approximately
20-25% of field time per day.”

Guillaume Meunier - Land Surveyor, Arpenteurs-Géomètres Mercier Meunier inc.

Get the game-changing Trimble R12i GNSS Receiver


With Trimble ProPoint™ GNSS technology and new Trimble TIP™ tilt compensation, the Trimble R12i reaches new angles in productivity.

With improved performance under tree canopy and robust IMU-based tilt compensation, it is now possible to gather accurate positional data on those pesky building corners for all of your Real Property Reports. 

Join these leading companies in maximizing their in-field productivity.

“Since acquiring R12i units in April, our return on investment has been exceptional. With our new receivers, we’ve increased our productivity by 30% on conventional surveys and property assessments. Surveys in wooded areas require only half the time compared to our old R8/R10 receivers.” Patrice Drolet - Land Surveyor, Caouette Thériault et Renaud inc. (Roberval, QC)
“Pro-Point and TIP Technology in the R12i has drastically improved the productivity on our pipeline projects.” Chris Kizuik - President, Apex Geomatics Construction Surveyors Ltd. (Calgary, AB)
“The Trimble R12i has pushed the boundaries of GNSS surveying when it comes to achieving quality results in adverse locations where other methods of data collection are unsuitable.” Tyler Unger - Global Raymac Surveys Inc. (Calgary, AB)
“Before purchasing the R12i, GPS was primarily utilized for survey control points for usage with our robotic total station. Several of our mandates are now exclusively completed using GPS. The R12i is a great evolution and we simply couldn’t live without it.” Dominic Juteau - Operations Manager, Groupe BJG inc. (Sainte-Adèle, QC)
“The R12i has helped us significantly increase our efficiency in the field. Conventional survey work has been greatly reduced, which also explains the accelerated return on our investment!” Félix Tremblay - Land Surveyor, Chiasson & Thomas inc. (Chicoutimi, QC)
“With our R12i GPS receiver, we’re able to measure the center of utility poles and hedges with a tilted GPS; it’s awesome! We also use it to survey the corners of neighbouring buildings such as sheds and main structures, thus avoiding unnecessary setups next door. The R12i helps us save approximately 20-25% of field time per day. That’s huge!” Guillaume Meunier - Land Surveyor, Arpenteurs-Géomètres Mercier Meunier inc. (Sherbrooke, QC)
“Just the fact that we no longer need to level the rod increases our productivity. Imagine the time savings with chainages every 20 m on a 3 km road!” Benjamin Hébert - Surveyor, Sintra Division Estrie (Canton-de-Hatley, QC)
“The R12i has helped us increase our productivity immensely, which has helped with the labour shortage... We can carry out our projects faster, despite the increased workload brought on by COVID... The technology was easy to implement and we noticed a difference immediately.” Jonathan Maltais - Associate Land Surveyor, Laberge Guérin Arpenteurs-Géomètres (La Baie, QC)

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Use the R12i in challenging environments with Trimble TIP™ tilt compensation technology


IMU-based tilt compensation

Calibration-free Inertial Measurement Unit based tilt compensation with immunity to magnetic interference.


Reach hard to access points

Easily obtain accurate measurements on obstructed points like building and property corners or utility inverts.


Stay out of harm’s way

Safely capture points in hazardous locations like the edge of an open excavation or on roadways.


Fast, efficient and accurate

Get the job right the first time - even with fewer team members in the field. Achieve survey precision levels, position accuracy, and measurement reliability faster than ever before. 


Built-in automatic integrity monitoring

Have total trust in your system with real-time IMU anomaly detection and alerts.


Watch the pole tip not the bubble

On-screen stakeout instructions guide the pole tip directly to the design point. No need to repeatedly adjust the pole tip position and re-level the receiver when measuring points.

Trimble R12i features at a glance

Trimble ProPoint GNSS Technology

Trimble ProPoint GNSS Technology

Superior performance in degraded GNSS conditions, with groundbreaking signal management that leverages the latest developments in GNSS signals and Trimble receiver hardware

Trimble TIP Tilt Compensation Technology

Trimble TIP Tilt Compensation Technology

Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) based tilt compensation for accurate laying out and measuring points without precisely leveling the pole

Trimble CenterPoint RTX® Correction Service

Trimble CenterPoint RTX® Correction Service

Provides RTK level precision worldwide without the need for a base station or VRS network

Trimble 360 Technology

Trimble 360 Technology

672 channels with support for all available and future GNSS signals, and improved protection from interference and spoofed signals


Trimble xFill® Technology

Keeps you working in radio and cellular black spots with continuous RTK coverage

Augmented Reality Ready

Augmented Reality Ready

Bring geospatial data to life and visualize your 3D data in the real world with Trimble SiteVision™ on the Trimble TSC7 controller

*Challenging GNSS environments are locations where the receiver has sufficient satellite availability to achieve minimum accuracy requirements, but where the signal may be partly obstructed by and/or reflected off of trees, buildings, and other objects. Actual results may vary based on user’s geographic location and atmospheric activity, scintillation levels, GNSS constellation health and availability, and level of multipath and signal occlusion.

Create a complete Trimble R12i solution

Pair the Trimble R12i with a rugged Trimble field controller running Trimble Access™ 2020 field software for a complete workflow solution. Back in the office, process your data with TBC to create high-quality deliverables.

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Get the most of the R12i with Can-Net.

Can-Net operates a Virtual Reference Station (VRS) network providing high accuracy GNSS correction signals, serving the Agriculture, Geospatial and Construction markets. Simply Connect - Correct - Measure. It's that easy!

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