How can your organization benefit from
the Trimble MX50
Mobile Mapping System?

Why do land surveyors like Groupe Trifide of Quebec trust the Trimble MX50 to capture accurate, reliable data, increase productivity, and deliver cost savings? Watch the video to find out.

The Trimble® MX50 is a practical field-to-finish mobile mapping solution for asset management, mapping, and road maintenance. The system delivers a very accurate point cloud of the environment along with complementary immersive imagery providing substantial gains in productivity.

Imagine being able to collect most of your geospatial data from your vehicle — leaving a small fraction to be completed in the field — and not risk the safety of your team and your high-value business assets. 



Whether for highway management, utilities, or local government, the Trimble MX50 puts you in control of your data capture project. The system does not require specific expertise and is simple to install and operate.


Complementary point clouds and images provide you with all you need to extract asset location, size, condition, and other inspection and attribute information.  


The Trimble MX50's accurate point cloud underpins your ability to locate and measure your assets, whilst 360° imagery allows for the determination of inspection data and feature attribute information.

Watch and learn more about the Trimble MX50's capabilities.


Whether you are a first-time mobile mapping user looking for a step change in productivity, or an experienced mobile mapping professional considering adding additional capacity to your fleet, the Trimble MX50 will generate reliable deliverables for many applications: 

Highway assets

Utility assets

City assets

Accurate ground models

Road surface information

Engineering profiles and cross-      sections

Key features

  • Practical mobile mapping system combining precise LiDAR data and immersive panoramic imagery
  • State-of-the-art Trimble LiDAR technology integrated with a proven and reliable mobile platform
  • Accurate point cloud for applications such as road surfaces, highway maintenance, or asset management
  • Simple system installation and intuitive browser-based operation
  • Complete field-to-finish workflow, provided by Trimble — capture, process, extract, and share

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